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About Pancheros

Open since 1992

from a small ball of dough
to greatness.

Historic Pancheros storefrontHistoric Pancheros storefrontHistoric Pancheros storefrontHistoric Pancheros storefront

Back to the Beginning

Pancheros grew from our very first restaurant—a local favorite in the college town of Iowa City back in 1992—to one of the most beloved Mexican fast-casual brands in the country. Founded by Rodney Anderson as a fresh take on the Chicago taquerias he grew up with, Pancheros soon evolved by simplifying the menu and adding our revolutionary fresh-pressed tortillas. And we didn’t stop there.

What sets us apart.

Scratch-made dough and fresh-pressed flour tortillas are integral to our burritos, brought to you by The Fresher Presser 7000, which presses tortillas to perfection. Ingredients perfectly mixed into every bite is also a key component of Burritos Better Built, so in 2002 we introduced Bob the Tool® to mix before roll. And of course, our homemade queso, which has earned a fan following for its ooey, gooey, extra cheesy, velvety texture and zip of zesty, mouthwatering flavor perfect for chip-dipping or slathering on your burrito.

Burritos Better Built®

Over the last 30 years, and by popular demand, we’ve grown to 70+ restaurants in 13 states, making our burritos a local favorite wherever we’re fresh-pressing homemade tortillas. We credit our ongoing success to keeping it simple and sticking to what we know works best—putting in the extra effort it takes to make Burritos Better Built.

Pillars we stand on

Pancheros fresh-pressed toritllas

Delicious starts with a solid foundation.

Our fresh-pressed tortillas are the key to Burritos Better Built. Each one is made from house-made dough every morning and fresh-pressed in front of your eyes until perfectly golden brown, then tightly wrapped to support all the freshest ingredients of your choice for a burrito that stands up to your wildest cravings.

Pancheros - the perfect burrito

URRITO. Burritos without the B.S.

When you keep things as fresh as we do, there’s simply no need for the B and the S. (Otherwise known as shortcuts like fryers, freezers, packaged tortillas—we’d never!) We take pride in putting in the extra effort to do things the right way—from scratch, by hand—because that’s what delivers the flavor that really sets us apart.

Pancheros Bob tool to mix the ingredients

All the right stuff in all the right places.

The key to our burritos is mixing every ingredient together in every bite, because no one wants a mouthful of sour cream or rice. We take mixing so seriously, we even created our very own tool to get the job done right: Bob the Tool®. Your single-handed assurance that every burrito you order at Pancheros won’t just meet your expectations, it’ll exceed them.

Pancheros courteous service

We take a fresh approach to service, too.

Every time you walk into one of our restaurants, we’re on a mission to make your day even better: carefully preparing your food from scratch, keeping our restaurants in tip-top shape, making online ordering, delivery, and catering as smooth as our queso, and providing quick, courteous service that makes every meal an unforgettable one.

Franchise opportunities

for a new opportunity?

Just like our restaurants, our business model is built on simplicity. From our menus to our training, we provide all you need to get your restaurant up and running. It’s an opportunity to own a from-scratch restaurant without starting from scratch—which is always a better way to make dough. Oh, and it’s a gig that comes with lots of burritos.

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